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These storms of life rise out of three main sources:. It addresses the subject of who we are in Christ. While many may have an intellectual understanding of this fundamental Bible doctrine, they see little value in its practical application in their day-to-day life. This book converts the understanding through practical a Life's preparation is about life and how God prepares us in advance for the life he intended for us.

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I strongly believe at an early age, we are put in situations and have experience that prepares us for the future. We simply have not made the connection. Everything is connected, and once we realize that, we will have a better understanding of life. Get Ready with Me for School is about a cheerful girl who shows her viewers the specific steps that she needs to take to get ready for school in her own unique way. With gladness, she acknowledges that God is the one who woke her up and gave her the energy to be her creative self.

She loves who she is, and she wouldn't want to be anyone else. Stylish and confident, she enjoys picking out different Orange Moments is the true story of the tragic death of Laura's eleven-year-old son and how she was able to lean into God rather than turn away at a time when there were no answers and explanation for how or why God let it happen.

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On a typical Sunday afternoon, following morning mass, the day after Tristan's eleventh birthday party, Laura and her husband found themselves living their worst nightma A fun and interactive way for children to get excited about bedtime. This little rhyme will add an engaging spin to your bedtime routine.

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Even as the Communist world emerged into freedom, President Nicolae Ceausescu stood firm and iron-fisted. Bathed in delusions of grandeur, he wholeheartedly believed his people adored him and Romania would remain the last bastion of Communism in Europe. As late as November , he said triumphantly after being "reelected" to another five-year term, "Romania will change only when beech trees bear The main purpose of the Jaden's Christmas Story is to show how Jesus Christ provides for little children in all circumstances. He will provide through people and animals. Have you ever had a hard time expressing your feelings and thoughts into words that truly convey your emotions, intentions, and love?

Albert Einstein once said, "I very rarely think in words at all. A thought comes, and I may try to express in words afterward. Charlie Hungloe and Samantha "Sam" Sterling, who are two detectives that don't usually carry guns but instead use martial ar Our yard was one of the notorious places to play "Mother, May I? You had to say, "Mother, May I? If you moved without the permission of This book reveals everyone is made special for some specific purposes.

It tells us the negative story that might surround any person's birth or physical deformity does not af The twins are now in their eighties. They were separated from both parents at ten months of age and were nurtured by their mother three thousand miles away in her hospital bed. Both have done the same to many people as a nurse and a teacher.

We hope this book encourages readers to nurture from afar, caused by illness, military, prison, divorce, or any other of many causes of separation. But for six-year-old Amanda, life is all about to change! A new life? A new home? A family? The Little Book of Wisdom is a collection of sayings gathered from pamphlets, articles, conversations, quotes from newspapers, books, statements made by my pastor, mother, father, sister, family members, friends, and most of all, from the Holy Bible.

Enter into the world of imagination and fall in love with a little elephant named Bella.

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Go with her on her journey as she narrates her story of tragedy, hope, friendship, family, and love. Follow her heartache as she watches her father and mother being taken away. Feel her hope as the kind man, Mr. Hobbs, offers to buy her and give her a new home at his toy store. Wayne Jackson is a social action pastor who is leading his members, colleagues, and campus ministry students into being a Sanctuary Movement to bring undocumented political refugees into his church to protest the administration's decision to not follow the Refugee Act of They want their day in court to challenge the administration.

They believe that administration pressure has been put on Fe From building self-esteem, communication, and setting limits to teaching your children about God and how to be a good person, this short book packs a wealth of ideas on parenting. Ten Tips is a must read for all new and not so new parents Al Matlock is 81 years old and has been a building contractor most of those years; building new homes, a couple of churches and numerous small commercial jobs.

He has been married to his wife, Carol, for forty-two years. They live in Osceola, Indiana, and has two children, three grandchildren and five great grandchildren. In a Palestinian town called Ramah, during the reign of King Herod, Amahl decided to leave home in search of power. Unlike the prodigal son, he finds himself in unfamiliar territory when it comes to worshipping Greek gods to quench his thirst for riches and power. His excessive thirst for power manifested itself into greed, selfishness, and tragedy!

A child's imagination is a world filled with openness and wonder. Children generally want to just know things.

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When they have trepidation in their life, they naturally inquire. From separation anxiety to natural curiosity, when the door closes at nap time and a child has a few minutes before nodding off to that p This is a book about God's wisdom to equip a man with skills physician, pilot, preacher, and dentist and then through His power to use that committed man to accomplish His will among a poverty laden and underprivileged Batonga tribe in the remote Zambezi Valley of Rhodesia, Africa.

A story of the Haynes family adventure in Africa! Although written as fiction, there are aspects from the author's experience as her family prepared for and went as volunteer missionaries to Nairobi Kenya East Africa in the late s. Experiences told through the lens of a mother, a father and two young boys as they walked for a window of time in Africa. Sit back and watch what God does when Devoted is a thirty-day devotional written especially for mothers.

Within the pages of this devotional, women will be encouraged on their journey of motherhood. Included are stories that Amber shares from her own experience as a mother, reflections on life from a heavenly minded perspective, and God-breathed scripture references from the Bible. Tipsy Turtle has found herself in a small dilemma, and her friends come by and assume what Tipsy needs without asking.

What could Tipsy do to resolve her situation? A glimpse into the entangled mind, of a stroke survivor, described through his eyes, in an attempt to help the care givers, survivors and families, better understand what to expect in the stressful days ahead, after a stroke or brain injury. The Author reveals his inner feeling as he describes the affects left by the stroke and how his life changed after surrendering to God. BrOkEn FaMiLy shares the fun, good, and bad of growing up in a large family or even any size of family that does not stay working at togetherness every day.

It covers the fun, joys, adventures, and heartbreak of growing up. Our author grew up in a small town Frank Danza is an ordinary business executive. As he approached his fiftieth birthday, he lived what many might consider a "charmed" life: great career, happy marriage, two beautiful and talented daughters, and hopes for an early retirement. In the blink of an eye, that life was challenged with an unexpected diagnosis of a rare and deadly cancer. Over the course of his career, adulthood, and parenthood, Dr. Schell began to question the many things in his life.

What is the purpose? What are we supposed to be doing? What is the true path to health for my patients and for myself? What is death and what does it mean? Does being a Christian imply that we just g Drake is a dragon like most other dragons. He enjoys breathing fire and spending time with friends, but things get out of control one day with a very big fire, which scares Drake away from using his talent. Will he ever be brave enough to use his fire again? Follow Drake on his adventure to discover his God-given purpose and find out what he was truly born to do Our America began as a Christian nation.

History is being rewritten, leaving out most of the truths that used to be taken as common knowledge in homes, schools, and communities. Our constitution and our laws are changing rapidly, and not for the better.

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God said that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, say to this mountain be removed and it shall fall. Dear Child, Listen Close proclaims in sweet love important truths for God's children to hold near and dear to their heart. It tenderly lays out the heart of God for His precious children. Dear Child, Listen Close covers creation, the importance of reading the Bible, how to properly pray, how not to be tempted by the world, being obedient, the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus, sp Priscilla's book, Returning to Intimacy to Rebuild and Restore Hearts to Christ, is about how she got so caught up in works for God that she forgot how to spend that intimate time that He so desired with her.

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Holy Spirit took her through a time of spiritual training and rest to humble herself as a child, at the master's feet. This meant putting all else aside and allowing Holy Spirit to teach her This is not a story. It's not fiction. It is a true happening. It is my testimony.

This covers several years of my life. The main items tell about when Jesus took me home to be with Him for a while. He taught me many things so I could share with others, and so they could learn important issues Christ wants them to know. It will tell you many things that Christ let me see in heaven while I was with Mind, Heart, and Sole draws an analogy between running and traversing the road of life; it highlights the various circumstances and obstacles you will encounter on your journey through life.