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However, we need a better system to consistently make good choices. The problem that arises when being faced with the choice of instant gratification versus delayed gratification is that the negative effects of picking the option that offers instant gratification once are practically insignificant. Why even bother going for the delayed gratification?

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The mind is always calculating in the background. What is the potential gain with this decision versus that decision? What is the pain we might experience when picking this over that? Thus, if we want to consistently make high-quality choices that improve the quality of our lives, we need to link more pain to our low-quality choices in order to automatically be pulled towards the high-quality choice. We need to make the instant gratification unattractive.

Whenever we want to live up to our expectations and become someone who consistently picks the higher-quality options, we need to link our identity to the choices we make. Hell no!

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The above scenario is exactly what I experienced a few days ago when I went to get lunch in the supermarket. I got tempted by a donut while my intention was to eat healthy.

The answer was simple: No. I instantly created a strong negative association with this unhealthy snack, and that was enough leverage to pick a much healthier snack: carrots and hummus! In this case, however, picking the donut would come from a place of impulsiveness.

If the answer is yes, then there are some situations in which moral failure is unavoidable. In the case of the flooded hospital, what you morally should do is something impossible: You should both avoid killing patients without consent and avoid leaving them to suffer a painful death. You're required to do the impossible. To say this is to go against something that many moral philosophers believe. That's because many moral philosophers have adopted a principle — attributed to the 18th-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant — that for an act to be morally obligatory, it must also be possible: so the impossible cannot be morally required.

This principle is typically expressed by moral philosophers with the phrase: "Ought implies can. This line of thought is certainly appealing.

First of all, it might seem unfair to be obligated to do something that you were unable to do. Second, if morality is supposed to serve as a guide to help us decide what to do in any given situation, and we can't actually do the impossible, it might seem that talking about impossible moral requirements is pointless.

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But if you've had the experience of being required to do the impossible, it might be appealing to push back: Ought does not imply can. Acknowledging this could help make sense of your experience, even if it doesn't also guide you in decisions about what to do. We can't blame other people for having committed an unavoidable moral wrongdoing as long as they chose the best of the possible options; we only appropriately blame people when they could have chosen to do something better than what they did do.

However, when we ourselves are in situations in which we perform the best action we can — but it's still something that we'd clearly be morally forbidden from ever choosing if we had a better option — we're likely to hold ourselves responsible. Our intuitive moral judgments may still tell us, if we choose to perform an action that's normally unthinkable, "I must not do this! I don't think we should necessarily dismiss these judgments — rather, we must hold them up to the light. If we do so, and they hold up, then we should take them to indicate that we really can be required to do the impossible.

But this has a troubling implication: If some situations lead to unavoidable moral wrongdoing, then we, as a society, should be careful not to put people in such situations. Giving people a choice might sound like it's always a good thing to do, but giving a choice between two forms of moral failure is cruel. Sometimes, it's pure bad luck that puts someone in the position of having to choose between wrongdoings.

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However, much of the time, choice doesn't take place in contexts that are shaped entirely accidentally. It takes place in social contexts. Social structures, policies, or institutions can produce outcomes that favor some groups of people over others in part by shaping what kinds of choices people get to — or have to — face. Members of some social groups might face mostly bad choices, in the sense that their choices are between alternatives, all of which are disadvantageous to them. Open Athens.

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