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But, What was a hobbit? And, Why did it live in the ground?

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Tolkien needed to find the answers to these questions. He then tested it out on his year old son who gave it a raving review. The Hobbit was published one year later in , and was an immediate hit. In fact, it was so successful, the publisher asked Tolkien if he had any similar stories. Today, since the first publication, The Hobbit has sold over million copies around the world and has been translated in over 50 languages.

What makes The Hobbit so enduring? For one thing, it lacks female characters and it is not, nor ever has been, politically correct. And for all the fantasy writers who came after Tolkien, hardly any can say their worlds were not, at least in part, influenced by The Hobbit.

But, what set the story apart is the depth of emotion and moral courage Tolkien weaves into his heroic fiction. In the end Bilbo exposes himself and confesses because after all, they are friends. They contained too much poetry. Tolkien was disappointed at the news but soon found himself busy writing the sequel to The Hobbit. And, it took him over a decade to write it. Thinking it would be a relative unimpressive release, and a loss to the firm, the publishers grossly underestimated The Lord of the Rings public appeal. True, it had mixed reviews — from damning to glowing and everything in between.

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BBC adapted it into 12 condensed episodes, elevating its popularity further. Then, in the mids a pirated paperback version was released which caught the attention of American readers. A sort of cult developed based on the newfound popularity of fantasy literature and Tolkien was made a rich man. He was not entirely happy though, even if he was flattered.

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And some overzealous fans, who Tolkien referred to as lunatics, were calling his home demanding to know if Frodo had succeeded in his quest. After his retirement from Oxford Tolkien moved to Bournemouth and on November 29, the love of his life, Edith died. Nearly two years later on September 2, Tolkien followed.

Tolkien shal remain a celebrated literary figure through the ages as his life work continues to inspire the fantasy genre. Around the world, his characters and places have become the namesake of various street names, companies, mountains, plants, and objects.

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There are even asteroids named after Bilbo Baggins and Tolkien himself. In England, there are seven blue plaques that commemorate places associated with Tolkien. And, he holds a number of other achievements and awards including: an honorary degree from The National University of Ireland and University of Liege in , and the Locus Award for Best Fantasy novel for The Silmarillion in The series was extremely successful and won numerous Oscars.

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From to , Warner Bros. Most recently, Amazon retained the rights to adapt The Lord of the Rings for its Prime streaming service. And it is quite amazing, considering he wrote it all in his spare time.

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Over 31 seasons he proved to be the reliable, compassionate and all-wise friendly neighbor who guided millions of youngsters through their childhood. Tolkien Biography: Father of Modern Fantasy. Tolkien in JRR Tolkien photographed in his garden with his wife, Edith. One of the biggest observations about the story is the one about language. Tolkien was a philologist and a professor of both language and mythical texts.

Whenever characters from the Lord of the Rings use language that seems archaic or outdated, Tolkien had a sense of how those sentences would be structured. There is a lot to know about Tolkien and the world he created. The documentary below gives a complete JRR Tolkien biography and history of Tolkien and all his writings. Told by all his children, friends, scholars and Tolkien himself.

If you like J. Tolkien, this will answer almost any question you could conceive of. Forbes declared him the 5th top earning dead celebrity in Tolkien settled near Birmingham, England at the age of four after his father, a banker died in South Africa. He later studied English language and literature at Oxford where he received a B.

Tolkien married his long time love, Edith Bratt in He served in the army briefly during World War I as a second lieutenant.