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In this study, nutritional evaluation, phytochemical screening and antimicrobial effects of Picralima nitida peel were carried out using standard methods, in order to determine the potentials of this discarded part of the plant. The results of proximate contents indicated the following: Thus, the nutritional value of Picralima nitida peel is high and as such it could be used as feed additives.

The results of phytochemical screening revealed the presence of flavonoids, saponins, tannins and alkaloids and the aqueous extract had antimicrobial activities against Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus with varying degrees. The most potent inhibitory effect was observed with Escherichia coli. These results have revealed that the peel and its extracts have pharmacological active compounds and antibacterial effects and as such could be used in ethno-medicine for the treatment of microbial infection and other ailments.

Unexpected Biological Pathway in Glaucoma: This study was designed to determine the efficacy of ampucare against oxidative organ damage distant from the original burn wound. The rats were fed standard pelleted diet and water ad libitum. Present findings showed that activities of antioxidant enzymes were significantly decreased along with increased level of MDA, MPO and XO in untreated group at 7th and 14th day of study.

Similarly, the level of total protein was also found to be significantly lowered in untreated group at 7th and 14th day. In conclusion, ampucare scavenges free oxygen radicals, decreases MDA or MPO level in blood and increase the antioxidant enzyme activity by preventing its inhibition.

Considering our results, ampucare would be a beneficial for humans who suffer from thermal injury. The proximate composition Protein, Carbohydrate and lipid , fatty acids, amino acids and minerals contents were investigated in P. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the nutritive value of P. The protein, carbohydrate and lipid contents were found Totally 18 amino acids was found, among 10 essential amino acids 9 were recorded and non essential amino acids 9 was reported.

The essential and non essential amino acid were totally contributed 8. Fatty acids were analyzed, saturated fatty acids palmitic acid 0. The results showed that P. In the present study raw samples like bamboo rice, pani varagu, thiri varagu, kampu, saamai and koran thinai used for poultry feeds production were collected from Kolli hills region of Central Tamil Nadu in India.


When they were analyzed for proximate composition, high moisture content Generally aflatoxins production increased in autoclaved samples compared to non autoclaved samples. Significantly kampu showed high level of AFB1 ppb followed by pani varagu ppb. From this study it is clear that the aflatoxins presence in the raw food samples must be checked properly as it will cause economic loss of crops to be used as source. So, proper storage and harvesting methods should be adopted to prevent aflatoxins contamination.

The main objective of the present study was to isolate and identify the secondary metabolite producing Actinomycetes and to analyze the phylogenetic relationship. The soil samples were collected from the rhizosphre soil of Manakkudy mangroves, West Coast of India and screened for its antimicrobial potential. The novel bioactive compound producing strains were cloned in pGEM-T vector and sequenced.

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The phylogenetic relationship among the 20 Streptomyces sp. Biochemical characterization was carried out and showed highly active by having different extracellular enzyme production to metabolize the nutrients in the environment. The GC contents were calculated for all the 20 Streptomyces isolates and it ranges between 58 and All the isolates JS-1 to JS were having strong antagonistic activity against various bacterial and fungal pathogens, but the activity was differing in all the 20 Streptomyces.

Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the isolates are the divergent of Streptomyces which are associated in the rhizosphere soil of Mangrove. A study of this kind will provide more details about the bioactive potential of Streptomyces from the estuarine ecosystem. The present study was aimed to purify and characterize extracellular lipase from Trichosporon asahii MSR An extracellular 27 kDa lipase from T.

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It was magnesium stimulated. Reversible inhibition of EDTA was found to be by adding 15 mM magnesium chloride confirming its metallo nature. The present enzyme hydrolysed a large array of oils and triacylglycerides with better specificity on corn oil and triolein, respectively.

Crochet Pattern - CP107 - Pebble Baby Dress - 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12,12-18mths - USA terminology

It was 1,3-regioselective during hydrolysis of triolein in aqueous as well as in micro-aqueous environment. It was stable towards most of the polar and non-polar solvents including methanol, DMSO, benzene. The present enzyme yielded Phosphoinositide 3-kinase is a one of the considerable interest in obtaining selective inhibitors of the isoform as novel cancer therapeutics.

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Docking score and Glide energy between the ligand 3-[4-amino propanyl -1H-pyrazolo [3,4-d]pyrimidinyl] and the protein Phosphoinositide 3-kinase is Since the anti- inflammatory ligands 5-chloropyridinamine got the docking score is This glide energy is less than the original ligand which is present in the meanwhile, these two ligands showed the same active site which were present in carbonic anhydrase original ligand like VAL , ASP and GLU Hence the present study suggests that compound with further in vitro and in vivo testing can be introduced as an effective inhibitor against this target that is docked.

The exact role of the individual isoforms is more potent and selective compound of this type would not only be useful as potential drugs, but also as biological tools to help establish the roles of individual PI3K isoforms in cellular system. The aim of this study was to find an efficient method to release cell-associated tannase from the biomass of Serratia ficaria DTC.

In this study ultrasonication, surfactants and solvents treatment was evaluated for the release of cell-associated tannase from the biomass. Ultrasonication could release cell-associated tannase with the concomitant reduction in overall enzyme activity, lead to complete inactivation after 25 min of treatment. This study was designed to determine if lipid peroxidation can be modified by hypothyroidism. Twenty eight subjects with hypothyroidism and 33 euthyroid subjects participated in this study An increase in lipid peroxidation expressed as Malondialdehyde, MDA and TSH levels and also a decrease in T4 level were observed in the hypothyroid patients when compared with control groups p lipid peroxidation may play a role in the free-radical-induced oxidative damage of some tissues in hypothyroidism.

These may show that there is an important relation between hypothyroidism and lipid peroxidation. Breast cancer is one of the most common life threatening diseases worldwide and it is the leading cause of death from cancer in women.


The effectiveness of current cancer therapies is low, even though it requires expensive cost. Therefore, the development of the more efficient therapy is highly needed. The hWJMSCs were isolated from umbilical cord and characterized by its surface marker phenotype and its multipotent differentiation potential. It also showed the osteogenic, adipogenic and chondrogenic differentiation. The aim of the study was to explore the effects of these intonations on the reflector nerve and muscle terminals of guinea pigs using electron microscopic approaches. Spazmatic shrinking of myocyte myofibrils together with degenerative changes in myocytes and nerve terminals occur with the application of strained intonations.

Transmission function is also damaged related with this situation.

Clear relaxative extensions in myocyte myofibrils and decrease in activity of nerve terminals were determined with the application of more extensive intonations. A Cross Sectional Study. However, obese people have a higher Bone Mineral Density BMD , which suggests that low 25 OH D may not associate with other bone health parameters such as calcium, C-terminal telopeptide, bone mineral density and T-score.

This study aimed to determine whether there is association between 25 OH D, 1 With bone health parameter differ by body weight and 2 Body mass index and BMD. The study design was a cross-sectional study of women aged years in North Sumatera, Indonesia. Serum total 25 OH D was no different in normal, overweight and obese women subjects There was no association among bone health parameters calcium serum, C-terminal telopeptide, T-score and body weight but there is an association between BMI and BMD p Conclusion: Serum total 25 OH D lower at all categorize body mass index, which cannot be explained by higher in adipocyte and lower in circulation.

Worldwide, approximately 30 million men have symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH. There is a high prevalence of the disease, therefore, the associated costs of medical care are also high. This study therefore aimed to determine the body mass index BMI , nutrient intakes and serum antioxidant status of male adults with and without BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia in Ibadan. BMI was computed and mean daily nutrient intakes were assessed using repeated 24 h dietary recalls and analyzed using the software "Total Diet Assessment". Beta-carotene, retinol and lycopene levels in the serum of the respondents were also determined using high performance liquid chromatography.

Statistical analysis was done using SPSS. However, potassium intakes The mean serum lycopene, beta-carotene and retinol Elderly men had low nutrient intakes and the mean calcium and potassium intakes of men with BPH were significantly higher than that of men without BPH, while the mean lycopene and beta-carotene intakes of men without BPH were significantly higher than those with BPH. Mustard oil, traditional edible oil used in India and Bangladesh for centuries, has been associated with lower risk of metabolic disorders.

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The present study was performed to evaluate the potential antiobesity effect of mustard oil by analyzing the changes in body weight, visceral adipose mass and serum biochemicals in dietary obesity in wistar rats. Wistar rats were fed normal chow diet, lard based high fat diet, mustard oil based high fat diet or lard plus mustard oil based high fat diet for 10 weeks.

Body weight and food intake were measured regularly during the experimental period. Total fat in fecal excretions were measured in the 8th week while as core body temperature an index of thermogenesis and oral glucose tolerance test were measured in 10th week of the experiment. At the end of experiment various visceral adipose tissues were weighed and serum glucose and lipids measured. Lard based high fat diet animals gained more body weight, had higher glucose and lipid levels compared to NC animals indicating induction of obesity. However, body weight gain and visceral adipose tissue mass of lard plus mustard oil based high fat diet animals were lower than that of lard based high fat diet animals and that of the mustard oil based high fat diet were the lowest.

Furthermore, both mustard oil based high fat diet and lard plus mustard oil based high fat diet animals were associated with increased thermogenesis, decreased serum glucose and lipid levels and improved glucose tolerance compared to lard based high fat diet obese animals.

These results suggest that mustard oil has potential antiobesity effect by regulating body weight gain, adipose tissue mass and lipid and glucose metabolism. This study attempts to determine the association of gestational weight gain and the effect on pregnancy outcome defined by their Body Mass Index BMI among pregnant women. Pregnancy outcome been analyzed according to the GWG during pregnancy for each BMI group and calculated the crude OR from simple logistic regression modules. In addition, inadequate weight gain during pregnancy can result in significant complication.

Child feeding practices was directly influence nutritional status of a child. Maternal education level has long been associated with child feeding practices. Thus, this study aims to compare the various feeding practices and nutritional status of the children according to different level of maternal education. This was a cross-sectional study which was conducted among kindergarten school children aged 4 to 6 years old in Selangor, Malaysia. A feeding practices questionnaire compromising of questions regarding sociodemographic data, anthropometry measurement, feeding practices and three days diet record.

Overall, children of mothers with secondary school qualification had higher prevalence of wasted However, children of mothers from diploma and above qualification had higher prevalence of obese The experiments reported herein were carried out at the Research and Experimental Center of the Faculty of Agriculture at Moshtohor, Benha University, Egypt, during , and seasons.

The aim of this study was to determine some genetic parameters for grain yield and its components in six populations. Genetic variance in F 2 plants, positive heterotic effects and inbreeding depression were significant for all studied traits. Over dominance towards the higher parent was detected for all traits under test.

The additive gene effects a were significant for No. Dominance gene effect d was significant for all traits in the three crosses except ear length in the third cross. Additive x additive, additive x dominance and dominance x dominance epistatic types of gene action were significant for most traits. High genetic coefficient of variation for ear diameter, ear weight plant -1 and grain yield plant -1 , in the three crosses was detected.