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Monarchy -- Great Britain -- Fiction.

Quests Expeditions -- Fiction. Sisters -- Fiction.

A Woodland Queen - Volume 1

Vampires -- Fiction. Werewolves -- Fiction. Paranormal fiction.

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Editorial Reviews. Published Reviews. Reviews from GoodReads. Loading GoodReads Reviews. No Tags, Be the first to tag this record! Guyon is back on shore, but Palmer is no longer available to guide him. He presses on, encountering the filthy Mamon, who brings the knight to his subterranean lair.

Mamon attempts to sway Guyon with his wealth and eventually offers Guyon his daughter Philotime in marriage, but Guyon rejects the offer, citing a previous betrothal. Mamon then offers Guyon the golden apples of Proserpina, but again Guyon resists. Mamon finally brings Guyon back to the surface, where the fresh air causes him to swoon. Palmer finds Guyon, unconscious but protected by an angel. Palmer objects, but the three villains do not listen. Fortunately, Prince Arthur arrives, killing Pyrochles and Cymochles. Guyon finally awakens and befriends Arthur.

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  • A Woodland Queen - Volume 2?
  • Arthur, Guyon, and Palmer continue on their journey together and encounter a castle under siege by several violent men. The knights drive off the attackers then are allowed entrance to the castle by its mistress, Alma. Guyon finds a history of the Faerie in which he becomes engrossed.

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    When both men are finished reading, they are invited to dine with Alma. Arthur drives the men off, but when he turns his attention to Maleger, the man rides off. Arthur manages to kill Maleger and throw his body into a lake. Along the way, they must brave blinding fog, the Gulf of Greediness, and various water monsters.

    Always the expert guide, Palmer leads them safely through these dangers.

    Woodland Queen, Used

    On the island, the two are beset by wild beasts, which Palmer drives off with his magic staff. Guyon and Palmer find the Bower of Bliss and force their way in past the guard, Genius. They meet Excess, who offers Guyon wine she has made, but Guyon refuses and destroys her cup. The men discover two naked women playing in a fountain, and Palmer must remind Guyon to stay focused on his quest. Finally, they find Acrasia with her lover, Verdant; Guyon and Palmer catch them in a net then chain Acrasia.

    With Acrasia helpless, Guyon destroys the Bower of Bliss. Guyon and Palmer make their way back to the ferry, and they are again attacked by wild beasts. This time, however, Guyon knows that the beasts are actually enchanted men, so he has Palmer change them back to their true forms. Palmer proves to be a trustworthy guide, always on the right path and ever ready to nudge Guyon in the right direction. Untamed lust makes men less than human and causes suffering to the good women who love them. The injury is further compounded when the child is left and orphan after both his parents die.

    It may also represent the original sin of every human being, the sinful state into which everyone enters this world and must struggle throughout life. Pages Received 19 Feb Scottish Section — Responses.

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